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This is a list of 25-odd-limit intervals. To 23-odd-limit, it adds 10 interval pairs involving 25.

Ratio Size (¢) Color name Name
26/25 67.900 3ogg thogugu 2nd greater tridecimal chroma
large tridecimal third-tone
25/24 70.672 yy1 yoyo unison classic chromatic semitone
25/23 144.353 23uyy2 twethuyoyo 2nd small vicesimotertial neutral second
28/25 196.198 zgg3 zogugu 3rd septimal middle major second
sepimal middle whole tone
25/22 221.309 1uyy2 luyoyo 2nd undecimal acute major second
undecimal acute whole tone
25/21 301.847 ryy2 ruyoyo 2nd septimal quasi-tempered minor third
32/25 427.373 gg4 gugu 4th classic diminished fourth
25/19 475.114 19uyy3 nuyoyo 3rd undevicesimal augmented third
undevicesimal grave fourth
34/25 532.328 17ogg5 sogugu 5th septendecimal acute fourth
25/18 568.717 yy4 yoyo 4th classic narrow tritone
classic augmented fourth
36/25 631.283 gg5 gugu 5th classic high tritone
classic diminished fifth
25/17 667.672 17uyy4 suyoyo 4th septendecimal grave fifth
38/25 724.886 19ogg6 nogugu 6th undevicesimal diminished sixth
undevicesimal acute fifth
25/16 772.627 yy5 yoyo 5th classic augmented fifth
42/25 898.153 zgg7 zogugu 7th septimal quasi-tempered major sixth
44/25 978.691 1ogg7 logugu 7th undecimal grave minor seventh
25/14 1003.802 ryy6 ruyoyo 6th septimal middle minor seventh
46/25 1055.647 23ogg7 twethogugu 7th large vicesimotertial neutral seventh
48/25 1129.328 gg8 gugu octave classic diminished octave
25/13 1132.100 3uyy7 thuyoyo 7th lesser tridecimal diminished octave