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The 388 equal division divides the octave into 388 equal parts of 3.0928 cents each. 388edo is the first edo that is uniquely consistent through to the 27-limit; it is also consistent through the 37-limit.

388 tempers out the vishnuzma, |23 6 -14>, in the 5-limit, 4375/4374 and 235298/234375 in the 7-limit, and 5632/5625, 3025/3024 and 9801/9800 in the 11-limit and 847/845, 1001/1000 and 4096/4095 in the 13-limit. It is the optimal patent val for cuthbert temperament, which tempers out cuthbert, the 847/845 comma, and for a number of other temperaments tempering out cuthbert, eg 198&388. By tempering out cuthbert it supports the cuthbert triad.