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441edo is the equal division of the octave into 441 parts of 2.721 cents each. It is a very strong 7-limit system; strong enough to qualify as a zeta peak edo. It is also very strong simply considered as a 5-limit system; it is the first division past 118 with a lower 5-limit relative error. In the 5-limit It tempers out the hemithirds comma, |38 -2 -15>, the ennealimma, |1 -27 18>, whoosh, |37 25 -33>, and egads, |-36 -52 51>. In the 7-limit it tempers out 2401/2400, 4375/4374, 420175/419904 and 250047/250000, so that it supports ennealimmal temperament. In the 11-limit it tempers out 4000/3993, and in the 13-limit, 1575/1573, 2080/2079 and 4225/4224. It provides the optimal patent val for 11- and 13-limit semiennealimmal temperament, and the 7-limit 41&359 temperament. Since it tempers out 1575/1573, the nicola, it allows the nicolic tetrad.

The steps of 441 are only 1/30 of a cent sharp of 1/8 syntonic comma. Lowering the fifth, which is only 1/12 of a cent sharp, by two steps gives a generator, 256\441, close to 1/4 comma meantone. Like 205edo but even more accurately, 441 can be used as a basis for a Vicentino style "adaptive JI" system.

441 factors into primes as 32 · 72, and has divisors 3, 7, 9, 21, 49, 63 and 147.