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118edo is the equal division of the octave into 400 parts of 10.1695 cents each. It represents the intersection of the 5-limit schismatic and parakleismic temperaments, tempering out both the schisma, |-15 8 1> and the parakleisma, |8 14 -13>, as well as the vishnuzma, |23 6 -14>, the hemithirds comma, |38 -2 -15> and the kwazy, |-53 10 16>. It is the first 5-limit equal division which clearly gives microtempering, with errors well under half a cent.

In the 7-limit, it is particularly notable for tempering out the gamelisma, 1029/1024, and is an excellent tuning for the rank three gamelismic temperament, and for guiron, the rank two temperament also tempering out the schisma, 32805/32768. It also tempers out 3136/3125, the hemimean comma, but 99edo does better with that.

In the 11-limit, it tempers out 385/384 and 441/440, and is an excellent tuning for portent, the temperament tempering out both, and for the 11-limit version of guiron, which does also.

118edo is the 17th zeta peak edo.