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Interval information
Ratio 140/81
Monzo [2 -4 1 1
Size in cents 947.3196
Name(s) septimal semidiminished seventh,
septimal inframinor seventh
Color name zy7, zoyo 7th

140/81, the septimal semidiminished seventh or septimal inframinor seventh is a 7-limit interseptimal ratio of about 947 cents. It is sharp of a supermajor sixth 12/7 by a sensamagic comma 245/243, and flat of a minor seventh 16/9 by a septimal quartertone 36/35.

It is also sharp of a major sixth 5/3 by a subminor second 28/27. For this fact it is useful in the Canovian chord and provides the function of a voice leading down to the major sixth.

The interval is so perfectly approximated by 19-edo, with an error of 0.05 cents. There are a number of edos that do this equally well, 171-edo to name one. The first edo that does this better than 19-edo with patent val is 660-edo.

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