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472edo is the equal division of the octave into 472 parts of 2.54237 cents each. It is consistent to the 11-limit, tempering out 32805/32768 (schisma) and 1224440064/1220703125 (parakleisma) in the 5-limit; 2401/2400, 2460375/2458624, and 30623756184/30517578125 in the 7-limit; 9801/9800, 46656/46585, 117649/117612, and 234375/234256 in the 11-limit, supporting the maviloid temperament, the bisesqui temperament, and the octant temperament. Using the patent val, it tempers out 729/728, 1575/1573, 2200/2197, 4096/4095, and 21168/21125 in the 13-limit, so it also supports the 13-limit octant.