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Interval information
Ratio 352/351
Monzo [5 -3 0 0 1 -1
Size in cents 4.92528
Name(s) minthma,
FJS name P11113
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The minthma or 11/13-kleisma, 352/351, is a 13-limit (also subgroup) small comma measuring about 4.9 ¢. This comma can be described in a number of ways. First, it is the difference between the tridecimal minor third of 13/11 and the Pythagorean minor third of 32/27, hence the name 11/13-kleisma. Second, it is the difference between various tridecimal intervals and their adjacent undecimal intervals such as

352/351 and 351/350, the ratwolfsma, are extremely close in size and make up a consecutive pair of 13-limit superparticular commas. Their difference is 123201/123200, the chalmersma, the smallest 13-limit superparticular comma; their sum is 176/175, the valinorsma, an 11-limit superparticular comma.

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