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Interval information
Ratio 1053/1024
Monzo [-10 4 0 0 0 1
Size in cents 48.34767
Name(s) tridecimal quartertone,
tridecimal comma
Color name L3o1, latho comma
FJS name P113
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1053/1024, the tridecimal quartertone, tridecimal comma or Hunt minor submediant comma, is a 13-limit interval of about 48.3 cents. It is the interval between the Pythagorean major third of 81/64 and the tridecimal neutral third of 16/13. It can be considered a type of quartertone. It is 4096/4095 smaller than 36/35, and 352/351 smaller than 33/32.

1053/1024 is significant in Functional Just System as the tridecimal formal comma which translates a Pythagorean interval to a nearby tridecimal interval, analogous to 64/63 and 33/32 for septimal and undecimal, respectively. However, in Helmholtz-Ellis notation, that role is taken by 27/26.

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