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Interval information
Ratio 364/363
Monzo [2 -1 0 1 -2 1
Size in cents 4.76268
Name(s) gentle comma
Color name tholuluzo comma
FJS name m27, 13121
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364/363, the gentle comma, is a 13-limit no-5 small comma measuring about 4.8 ¢. It is the amount by which an undecimal major third 14/11 and a tridecimal minor third 13/11 exceed a just perfect fifth 3/2.

In terms of commas, it can be characterized by (91/90)/(121/120), (243/242)/(729/728), (325/324)/(3025/3024), (351/350)/(9801/9800), or (352/351)/(10648/10647). It factors into (385/384)(6656/6655), (441/440)(2080/2079), or (676/675)(1575/1573) among many other options.


Tempering out the gentle comma leads to a form of gentle temperament and enables gentle chords.

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