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Interval information
Ratio 273/272
Monzo [-4 1 0 1 0 1 -1
Size in cents 6.35316
Name(s) tannisma
Color name Suthozo
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273/272, the tannisma, is a small 17-limit comma with a value of roughly 6.35 cents. It forms the difference between 21/17 and 16/13, and the difference between 39/32 and 17/14, as well as the difference between 17/13 and 21/16. Equating these three sets of intervals is characteristic of tannismic temperaments, however, that's not all, as according to Scott Dakota, such temperaments are actually of similar overall utility to those that temper out the marvel comma[1], and lead to a type of essentially tempered chord called the tannic chord.