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The 149 equal division divides the octave into 149 equal parts of 8.054 cents each. It provides the optimal patent val for 7- 11- 13- and 17-limit heinz temperament and the rank three temperament ominous in the 13- and 17- limits. It has a generally flat tendency, with the fifth 1.28 cents flat, but the major third is a quarter of a cent sharp. In the 5-limit it tempers out the sensipent comma, 78732/78125; in the 7-limit, 1029/1024, 3136/3125 and 19683/19600; in the 11-limit 385/384 and 441/440; in the 13-limit 351/350 and 676/675; in the 17-limit 273/272 and 561/560; in the 19-limit 286/285 and 343/342.

149edo is the 35th prime EDO.