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The 150 equal division divides the octave into 150 equal steps exactly 8 cents each. This means eleven such steps are 88 cents, relating 150edo to the 88cET nonoctave tuning. It tempers out 245/243, 4000/3969 and 2401/2400 in the 7-limit, 896/891, 385/384 and 1375/1372 in the 11-limit, and 352/351, 364/363, 676/675 and 1575/1573 in the 134-limit. It is contorted in the 5-limit, tempering out the same commas as 75edo, including 20000/19683 and 2109375/2097152. It provides a good tuning for Tetracot family, for which 88 cents provides a generator.