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151edo is the equal division of the octave into 151 parts of 7.9470 cents each. It is inconsistent to the 5-limit and higher limit, with three mappings possible for the 5-limit: <151 239 351| (optimal patent val), <151 240 351| (151b), and <151 239 350| (151c). Using the optimal patent val, it tempers out the tenfold green comma, 10077696/9765625 and the double large green comma, 43046721/41943040 in the 5-limit; 126/125, 1728/1715, and 31104/30625 in the 7-limit. Using the 151b val, it tempers out kleisma, 15625/15552 and 2748779069440/2541865828329 in the 5-limit; 4000/3969, 6144/6125, and 33614/32805 in the 7-limit. Using the 151c val, it tempers out the sycamore comma, 48828125/47775744 and graviton, 129140163/128000000 in the 5-limit; 2430/2401, 3125/3087, and 33075/32768 in the 7-limit.

151edo is the 36th prime EDO.