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Interval information
Ratio 289/288
Monzo [-5 -2 0 0 0 0 2
Size in cents 6.00082
Name(s) septendecimal semitones comma,
septendecimal 6-cent comma
Color name soso comma
FJS name d217,17
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289/288, the septendecimal semitones comma or the septendecimal 6-cent comma, is a 17-limit (also 2.3.17 subgroup) superparticular comma of about 6 cents. It is the difference between 17/16 and 18/17, as well as between 17/12 and 24/17. Tempering it out leads the octave split into two equal parts, each representing 17/12~24/17. Odd EDOs cannot temper it out.

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