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Interval information
Ratio 120/119
Monzo [3 1 1 -1 0 0 -1
Size in cents 14.48740
Name(s) suroyo comma
Color name suruyo negative 2nd, 17ury-2
FJS name d-257,17
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120/119 is a 17-limit superparticular ratio of about 14.49 cents. It is the difference between 20/17 and 7/6, 17/10 and 12/7, or 30/17 and 7/4. Tempering this comma allows you to assign 10:12:15:17 as the inverse of 4:5:6:7, a much simpler version of what would otherwise be 70:84:105:120. William Lynch calls this the minor tetrad, and so equating it with the inverse of the major tetrad is quite useful.