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The 212 equal temperament divides the octave into 212 equal parts of 5.660 cents each. 212 = 4 * 53, and it tempers out the same commas (32805/32768, 15625/15552 and 1600000/1594323) as 53 in the 5-limit. In the 7-limit it tempers out 2401/2400; in the 11-limit 385/384 and 1375/1372; and in the 13-limit 325/324, 625/624, 676/675 and 1001/1000. It is the optimal patent val for 7 and 13 limit quadritikleismic temperament, and the 13-limit rank three agni temperament. Also, using 212bb val (where fifth is flattened by single step, app. 1/4 comma) gives a tuning almost identical to the POTE tuning for 5-limit meantone.