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Interval information
Ratio 4802000/4782969
Monzo [4 -14 3 4
Size in cents 6.8748
Name(s) canousma

The canousma, 4802000/4782969 = [4 -14 3 4 is a 7-limit comma measuring about 6.9 cents. It is the difference between 245/243 (sensamagic comma) and 19683/19600 (cataharry).

Tempering it out leads to the rank-3 canou temperament, which splits the syntonic comma into two equal parts, each representing 245/243~19683/19600. It also splits 5/4 (classic major third) into two equal parts, each representing 2450/2187~2187/1960. It is similar to hemimean in that regard. Tempering out both equates 245/243 with 126/125 (septimal semicomma) and 225/224 (septimal kleisma) and leads to parakleismic.

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