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211edo is the equal division of the octave into 211 parts of 5.6872 cents each. It is inconsistent to the 5-limit and higher limit, with two mappings possible for the 5-limit: <211 334 490| (optimal patent val) and <211 335 490| (211b). Using the optimal patent val, it tempers out the unicorn comma, 1594323/1562500 and the luna comma, 274877906944/274658203125 in the 5-limit; 1029/1024, 3136/3125, and 1594323/1562500 in the 7-limit; 540/539, 2835/2816, 6912/6875, and 12005/11979 in the 11-limit. Using the 211b val, it tempers out tetracot comma, 20000/19683 and |55, -1, -23> in the 5-limit. 211edo is quite accurate on the 2.5.7/3.11 subgroup.

211edo is the 47th prime EDO.