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Interval information
Ratio 2401/2400
Monzo [-5 -1 -2 4
Size in cents 0.72120
Name(s) breedsma
Color name z4gg3, bizozogu 3rd
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2401/2400, the breedsma, is a 7-limit unnoticeable comma. It is the second smallest 7-limit superparticular comma, being the difference between 49/48 and 50/49, and between 49/40 and 60/49.


The breedsma is tempered out in the rank-3 breed family and all rank-2 breedsmic temperaments, all of which feature a neutral third interval for 49/40~60/49, and in which the classic chromatic semitone, 25/24, is split into two, each representing 49/48~50/49.

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