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Interval information
Ratio 14641/14580
Monzo [-2 -6 -1 0 4
Size in cents 7.2281
Name(s) semicanousma
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The semicanousma, 14641/14580 = [-2 -6 -1 0 4, is an 11-limit comma measuring about 7.2 cents, named for it is one of the commas tempered out in the semicanou temperament. It is the difference between 121/120 (biyatisma) and 243/242 (rastma).


Tempering it out leads to the rank-4 semicanousmic temperament, which splits the syntonic comma into two equal parts, each representing 121/120~243/242, so it can be said to be the undecimal counterpart of both hemimean and canousma. It also identifies 20/11 by three 11/9's stacked, so an octave is divided into 11/9-11/9-11/9-11/10.

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