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Interval information
Ratio 1156/1155
Monzo [2 -1 -1 -1 -1 0 2
Size in cents 1.49826
Name(s) septendecimal quartertones comma
Color name 17oo1urg2, sosolurugu 2nd
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1156/1155 is a 17-limit no-13 superparticular comma measuring about 1.41 cents. It may be properly described as the septendecimal quartertones comma, since it is the difference between 34/33 and 35/34, the two 17-limit quartertones.

In terms of commas, it is the difference between the following pairs:

It factors into the following pairs:


Tempering out this comma results in 35/33 being split into two equal parts, each representing 34/33~35/34, and enables the related essentially tempered chords. If 9801/9800 is also added to the comma list, the quartertone above becomes literally a quarter of 9/8 and is located right between 33/32, the undecimal quartertone, and 36/35, the septimal quartertone.

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