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Interval information
Ratio 1771561/1771470
Monzo [-1 -11 -1 0 6
Size in cents 0.08893
Name(s) parimo
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The parimo is an 11-limit unnoticeable comma with a ratio of 1771561/1771470 = [-1 -11 -1 0 6 and a value of approximately 0.09 cents. It is the amount by which a stack of three rastmas falls short of a syntonic comma. Tempering it out leads to a form of parimic temperament, which can be said to be the undecimal counterpart of the metric temperament in that the syntonic comma is split into three equal parts in both systems. However, in parimic temperament, the parts represent different intervals – one part represents the rastma, and two represent the biyatisma.

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