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Interval information
Ratio 2197/2187
Monzo [0 -7 0 0 0 3
Size in cents 7.89798
Name(s) threedie
FJS name dd213,13,13
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The threedie, 2197/2187, is a 3.13-subgroup analog of the 2.5-subgroup diesis. Measuring about 7.9 ¢, it is a small comma. Analogously to tempering the diesis, which divides the octave into three sharp 5/4s, tempering the threedie divides the tritave into three slightly flat 13/9s, since (13/9)3/3 = 2197/2187. Furthermore, tempering out the threedie divides 9/8 into three instances of 27/26. 596edo provides the optimal patent val for the corresponding rank-5 temperament.