Landscape comma

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Interval information
Ratio 250047/250000
Monzo [-4 6 -6 3
Size in cents 0.32544
Name(s) landscape comma
Color name z3g63, trizogugu 3rd
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The landscape comma is the 7-limit unnoticeable comma with a ratio of 250047/250000 and a size of 0.33 cents. It is the amount by which three 63/50's exceed an octave, the amount by which three septimal kleismas fall short of the Pythagorean comma, and also the difference of 2401/2400 and 4375/4374, the two smallest 7-limit superparticular commas. Tempering 63/50 interval into one degree of 3edo (exact 400 cents) is highly characteristic of landscape microtemperaments – any tuning system (41edo, for example) in which the number of divisions of the octave is not a multiple of 3 cannot temper out the landscape comma.

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