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This is a systematic extension for the TAMNAMS MOS scale naming system based on relationships of a named mos (parent, grandparent, great-grandparent, etc). It's intended for a user interface so that every MOS pattern has a memorable name. There's also a more euphonic version at least for User:Frostburn's taste.

Naming mos descendants

To name mosses that have more than 10 notes, names are based on how they're related to a parent mos (whether it's a child, grandchild, etc) and what step ratio produces that descendant, added as a prefix to the name. This section is currently work-in-progress and currently describes two systems devised by Frostburn and Ganaram inukshuk.

Base names
Child (1st descendant) Grandchild (2nd descendant) Great-grandchild (3rd descendant) kth descendant Other notes
Frostburn's proposal (prefix)-chro (parent's name) (prefix)-enhar (grandparent's name) (prefix)-(great-grandparent's name)
Ganaram's proposal (prefix)-chromatic (mos-name)


(prefix)-enharmonic (mos-name)


(prefix)-subchromatic (mos-name)


kth-descendant (mos-name)


Prefixes are optional.

Names are work-in-progress.

Step ratio prefixes
Parent mos Child (1st descendant) Grandchild (2nd descendant) Great-grandchild (3rd descendant)
Mos L:s range Mos Prefix L:s range Mos Prefix L:s range Mos Prefix L:s range
Frostburn Ganaram Frostburn Ganaram Frostburn Ganaram
xL ys 1:1 to 1:0 (x+y)L xs m- s- 1:1 to 2:1

(general soft range)

(x+y)L (2x+y)s f- s- 1:1 to 3:2


(x+y)L (3x+2y)s uso- us- 1:1 to 4:3


(3x+2y)L (x+y)s paso- ps- 4:3 to 3:2


(2x+y)L (x+y)s m- os- 3:2 to 2:1


(3x+2y)L (2x+y)s quso- qs- 3:2 to 5:3


(2x+y)L (3x+2y)s miso- ms- 5:3 to 2:1


xL (x+y)s p- h- 2:1 to 1:0

(general hard range)

(2x+y)L xs p- oh- 2:1 to 3:1


(2x+y)L (3x+y)s miha- mh- 2:1 to 5:2


(3x+y)L (2x+y)s quha- qh- 5:2 to 3:1


xL (2x+y)s s- h- 3:1 to 1:0


(3x+y)L xs paha- ph- 3:1 to 4:1


xL (3x+y)s uha- uh- 4:1 to 1:0


Other MOS families

Wood scales

Trivial multi-MOS scales of k periods (mosses of the form kL ks) are named k-wood. If k is greater than 5 and no greater than 12, these can be written out as (Greek numeral prefix)wood, as shown in the table below.

MOS Name Prefix Abbrev.
6L 6s hexawood hexwd- hxw
7L 7s heptawood hepwd- hpw
8L 8s octawood octwd- ocw
9L 9s enneawood ennwd- enw
10L 10s decawood decwd- dkw
11L 11s hendecawood hedwd- hdw
12L 12s dodecawood dodwd- ddw
13L 13s 13-wood 13wd- 13w
14L 14s 14-wood 14wd- 14w
kL ks k-wood kwd kw

Diatonic family

This system introduces the following names for (grand)daughters of diatonic 5L 2s.

Diatonic family tree
Pattern Name Notes
5L 7s p-chromatic Chromatic scale from pythagorean generator 3/2. S-chromatic is an alternative name.
7L 5s m-chromatic Chromatic scale of meantone. F-chromatic is an alternative name.
Pattern Name Notes
12L 5s p-enharmonic Enharmonic scale from pythagorean generator.
5L 12s s-enharmonic Enharmonic scale of superpyth.
12L 7s m-enharmonic Enharmonic scale of meantone.
7L 12s f-enharmonic Enharmonic scale of flattone.
Pattern Name Notes
12L 17s pythagotonic Generator is 3/2. Small step is the Pythagorean comma
17L 12s gothitonic Generator falls in the neo-gothic range.
19L 12s fauxarabian One possible generator is double of neutral third 11/9 while the scale still sounds neutral
12L 19s fauxrussian Faux-cyrilic font is the "opposite" of faux-arabic
17L 5s protofractalic Daughter scales exhibit fractal-like acoustic effects
5L 17s reinhardic Possible generator 50/33 is similar to 5edo's fifth (Reinhard notation)
19L 7s velic Possible generator 112/75 is called the marvelous fifth
7L 19s siskoic Play on words: Veli means brother in Finnish and sisko means sister.
Pattern Name Notes
12L 29s pythamystonic Generator is 3/2. Large step is mystery comma. Small step is pythagorean comma.
29L 12s antipythamystonic
12L 31s fauxmuscovian Parent is fauxrussian. Muscovy is a sub region of Russia.
31L 12s fauxsiberian Parent is fauxrussian. Siberia is a sub region of Russia.
19L 31s fauxsaudi Parent is fauxarabian. Saudis live in a sub region of Arabia.
31L 19s fauxomani Parent is fauxarabian. Omani live in a sub region of Arabia.
22L 17s fractalic Exhibits fractal-like acoustic effects.
17L 22s antifractalic
17L 29s perotinic Parent is gothitonic. Pérotin has been described as the first modern composer in the Western tradition.
29L 17s martinic Parent is gothitonic. Simone Martini influenced Gothic style painting.
19L 26s veljentyttonic Parent is velic. Veljentyttö means niece from the brother's side in Finnish.
26L 19s veljenpoikanic Parent is velic. Veljenpoika means nephew from the brother's side in Finnish.
7L 26s siskontyttonic Parent is siskoic. Siskontyttö means niece from the sister's side in Finnish.
26L 7s siskonpoikanic Parent is siskoic. Siskonpoika means nephew from the sister's side in Finnish.
5L 22s reinatonic Parent is reinhardic.
22L 5s antireinatonic Parent is reinhardic.
Pattern Name Notes
12L 41s antipythomerc
41L 12s pythomerc Generator is 3/2. Transitional scale between ones dominated by pythagorean and mercator commas.

Other MOS names

Specific names for mosses with 11 to 15 notes

11-note mosses
Pattern Suggested name(s) Proposed by Reasoning
1L 10s tanzanite or tenorite Ganaram inukshuk More naming puns (tenzanite or tenorite). Prefix is tan-.
4L 7s kleistonic Restoration of a noteworthy, former name. References the kleismic family of temperaments. Prefix is klei-.

Extension name is p-chro smitonic, hard-chromatic smitonic, or hard smichromatic, depending on scheme.

7L 4s suprasmitonic Restoration of a noteworthy, former name.

Extension name is m-chro smitonic, soft-chromatic smitonic, or soft smichromatic, depending on scheme. Prefix is susmi-.

daemotonic Eliora Various reasons; see 7L 4s.
9L 2s villatonic Ganaram inukshuk Indirectly references avila and casablanca temperaments. Prefix is vil-.
ultradiatonic, superarmotonic CompactStar In reference to diatonic and armotonic.
12-note mosses
Pattern Suggested name(s) Proposed by Reasoning
1L 11s helenite Ganaram inukshuk In reference to the "ele" substring found in the word "eleven". Prefix is hel-.
5L 7s p-chromatic Restoration of a noteworthy, former name.
6L 6s hexawood Extension of -wood scales; coincidentally references hexe temperament.
7L 5s m-chromatic Restoration of a noteworthy, former name.
13-note mosses
Pattern Suggested name(s) Proposed by Reasoning
1L 12s zircon Ganaram inukshuk Zircon is used as a birthstone for December. Prefix is zir-.
11L 2s hendecoid Eliora From Greek "eleven"; references how "its generator is so close to 11/8 as to be called nothing but that" and that it has 11 large steps. Prefix is hen-.
14-note mosses
Pattern Suggested name(s) Proposed by Reasoning
7L 7s heptawood Extension of -wood scales.
13L 1s trollic Godtone The name proposed by Godtone refers to 12L 1s, but it refers to 13L 1s as a troll move. Prefix is tro-.

Other names for mosses with 16 or more notes

Other higher note count mosses
Note count Pattern Suggested name(s) Proposed by Reasoning
17 2L 15s liesic Frostburn Frostburn's naming scheme only goes up to 3 generations, so this name is suggested. Prefix is lisa-.
19 3L 16s magicaltonic Xenllium In reference to magic temperament.
16L 3s muggletonic Xenllium In reference to muggle temperament.
21 10L 11s miracloid Eliora In reference to miracle temperament.
22 3L 19s zheligowskic Frostburn In reference to Lucjan Żeligowski leading fights against the town of Giedraičiai. Proposed prefix is "zheli-".
19L 3s giedraitic Frostburn Named after the basic magic layout of Kite Giedraitis' guitar. Proposed prefix is "kai-".
21L 1s escapist Eliora References escapade temperament, which is supported by both 21edo and 22edo, covering the entire range.
23 22L 1s quartismoid Eliora Five generators of roughly 33/32 quartertone are equal to 7/6 in the harmonic entropy minimum; also, the extreme ranges of 22edo and 23edo both support this mos.

Table of MOS scales up to 22 notes

The table below lists all MOS scales and their stems needed to generate everything with assignable names in the system.

TAMNAMS mos names extended
11-note mosses
Pattern Name Prefix
1L 10s tanzanite
(p-chro antisinatonic)
2L 9s antivillatonic
(p-chro balzano)
3L 8s p-chro checkertonic none
4L 7s kleistonic
(p-chro smitonic)
5L 6s p-chro machinoid none
6L 5s m-chro machinoid none
7L 4s daemotonic
(m-chro smitonic)
8L 3s m-chro checkertonic none
9L 2s villatonic
(m-chro balzano)
10L 1s antitanzanite
(m-chro antisinatonic)
12-note mosses
Pattern Name Prefix
1L 11s helenite
(s-enhar antisinatonic)
2L 10s p-chro jaric none
3L 9s p-chro tcherepnin none
4L 8s p-chro tetrawood none
5L 7s p-chromatic pychro
6L 6s hexawood hexwd
7L 5s m-chromatic mellow
8L 4s m-chro tetrawood none
9L 3s m-chro tcherepnin none
10L 2s m-chro jaric none
11L 1s antihelenite
(p-enhar antisinatonic)
13-note mosses
Pattern Name Prefix
1L 12s zircon
2L 11s antihendecoid
(s-enhar balzano)
3L 10s p-chro sephiroid none
4L 9s p-chro gramitonic none
5L 8s p-chro oneirotonic none
6L 7s p-chro archeotonic none
7L 6s m-chro archeotonic none
8L 5s m-chro oneirotonic none
9L 4s m-chro gramitonic none
10L 3s m-chro sephiroid none
11L 2s hendecoid
(p-enhar balzano)
12L 1s antizircon
14-note mosses
Pattern Name Prefix
1L 13s antrollic antro
2L 12s s-enhar jaric none
3L 11s s-enhar checkertonic none
4L 10s p-chro lime none
5L 9s p-chro semiquartal none
6L 8s p-chro ekic none
7L 7s heptawood heptwd
8L 6s m-chro ekic none
9L 5s m-chro semiquartal none
10L 4s m-chro lime none
11L 3s p-enhar checkertonic none
12L 2s p-enhar jaric none
13L 1s trollic tro
15-note mosses
Pattern Name Prefix
1L 14s p-chro antrollic none
2L 13s uha-balzano none
3L 12s s-enhar tcherepnin none
4L 11s s-enhar smitonic none
5L 10s p-chro pentawood none
6L 9s p-chro hyrulic none
7L 8s p-chro pine none
8L 7s m-chro pine none
9L 6s m-chro hyrulic none
10L 5s m-chro pentawood none
11L 4s p-enhar smitonic none
12L 3s p-enhar tcherepnin none
13L 2s paha-balzano none
14L 1s m-chro antrollic none
16-note mosses
Pattern Name Prefix
1L 15s s-enhar antrollic none
2L 14s uha-jaric none
3L 13s s-enhar sephiroid none
4L 12s s-enhar tetrawood none
5L 11s s-enhar machinoid none
6L 10s p-chro lemon none
7L 9s p-chro superdiatonic none
8L 8s octawood octwd
9L 7s m-chro superdiatonic none
10L 6s m-chro lemon none
11L 5s p-enhar machinoid none
12L 4s p-enhar tetrawood none
13L 3s p-enhar sephiroid none
14L 2s paha-jaric none
15L 1s p-enhar antrollic none
17-note mosses
Pattern Name Prefix
1L 16s uha-antrollic none
2L 15s liesic lisa
3L 14s uha-checkertonic none
4L 13s s-enhar gramitonic none
5L 12s s-enharmonic supen
6L 11s f-enhar machinoid none
7L 10s p-chro dicoid none
8L 9s p-chro subneutralic none
9L 8s m-chro subneutralic none
10L 7s m-chro dicoid none
11L 6s m-enhar machinoid none
12L 5s p-enharmonic pyen
13L 4s p-enhar gramitonic none
14L 3s paha-checkertonic none
15L 2s antiliesic alisa
16L 1s paha-antrollic none
18-note mosses
Pattern Name Prefix
3L 15s uha-tcherepnin none
4L 14s s-enhar lime none
5L 13s s-enhar oneirotonic none
6L 12s p-chro hexawood none
7L 11s f-enhar smitonic none
8L 10s p-chro taric none
9L 9s enneawood ennwd
10L 8s m-chro taric none
11L 7s m-enhar smitonic none
12L 6s m-chro hexawood none
13L 5s p-enhar oneirotonic none
14L 4s p-enhar lime none
15L 3s paha-tcherepnin none
19-note mosses
Pattern Name Prefix
2L 17s p-chro liesic none
3L 16s magicaltonic
4L 15s uha-smitonic none
5L 14s s-enhar semiquartal none
6L 13s s-enhar archeotonic none
7L 12s f-enharmonic flaen
8L 11s f-enhar checkertonic none
9L 10s p-chro sinatonic none
10L 9s m-chro sinatonic none
11L 8s m-enhar checkertonic none
12L 7s m-enharmonic meen
13L 6s p-enhar archeotonic none
14L 5s p-enhar semiquartal none
15L 4s paha-smitonic none
16L 3s muggletonic
17L 2s m-chro liesic none
20-note mosses
Pattern Name Prefix
4L 16s uha-tetrawood none
5L 15s s-enhar pentawood none
6L 14s s-enhar ekic none
7L 13s f-enhar archeotonic none
8L 12s f-enhar tetrawood none
9L 11s f-enhar balzano none
10L 10s decawood decwd
11L 9s m-enhar balzano none
12L 8s m-enhar tetrawood none
13L 7s m-enhar archeotonic none
14L 6s p-enhar ekic none
15L 5s p-enhar pentawood none
16L 4s paha-tetrawood none
21-note mosses
Pattern Name Prefix
2L 19s s-enhar liesic none
4L 17s uha-gramitonic none
5L 16s uha-machinoid none
6L 15s s-enhar hyrulic none
7L 14s p-chro septawood none
8L 13s f-enhar oneirotonic none
9L 12s f-enhar tcherepnin none
10L 11s f-enhar antisinatonic none
11L 10s m-enhar antisinatonic none
12L 9s m-enhar tcherepnin none
13L 8s m-enhar oneirotonic none
14L 7s m-chro septawood none
15L 6s p-enhar hyrulic none
16L 5s paha-machinoid none
17L 4s paha-gramitonic none
19L 2s p-enhar liesic none
22-note mosses
Pattern Name Prefix
3L 19s zheligowskic zheli
4L 18s uha-lime none
5L 17s reinhardic none
6L 16s s-enhar lemon none
7L 15s s-enhar pine none
8L 14s f-enhar ekic none
9L 13s f-enhar gramitonic none
10L 12s f-enhar jaric none
11L 11s hendecawood hedwd
12L 10s m-enhar jaric none
13L 9s m-enhar gramitonic none
14L 8s m-enhar ekic none
15L 7s p-enhar pine none
16L 6s p-enhar lemon none
17L 5s protofractalic none
18L 4s paha-lime none
19L 3s giedraitic kai
23-note mosses
Pattern Name Prefix
2L 21s uha-liesic none
5L 18s uha-oneirotonic none
6L 17s uso-machinoid none
7L 16s s-enhar superdiatonic none
8L 15s f-enhar pine none
9L 14s f-enhar semiquartal none
10L 13s f-enhar sephiroid none
11L 12s miha-antisinatonic none
12L 11s quha-antisinatonic none
13L 10s m-enhar sephiroid none
14L 9s m-enhar semiquartal none
15L 8s m-enhar pine none
16L 7s p-enhar superdiatonic none
17L 6s paso-machinoid none
18L 5s paha-oneirotonic none
21L 2s paha-liesic none
24-note mosses
Pattern Name Prefix
5L 19s uha-semiquartal none
6L 18s s-enhar hexawood none
7L 17s s-enhar dicoid none
8L 16s p-chro octawood none
9L 15s f-enhar hyrulic none
10L 14s f-enhar lime none
11L 13s miha-balzano none
12L 12s dodecawood dodwd
13L 11s quha-balzano none
14L 10s m-enhar lime none
15L 9s m-enhar hyrulic none
16L 8s m-chro octawood none
17L 7s p-enhar dicoid none
18L 6s p-enhar hexawood none
19L 5s paha-semiquartal none