Graham Breed's MOS naming scheme

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The following MOS naming system was originally proposed by Graham Breed.

Names for MOS scales with up to 4 notes

  • 1L 1s Trivial MOS
  • 1L 2s Happy triad
  • 2L 1s Grumpy triad
  • 1L 3s Happy tetrad
  • 2L 2s bi-equal tetrad
  • 3L 1s Grumpy tetrad

Names for MOS scales with 5 to 10 notes, as proposed by Graham Breed

The logic behind new names is as follows:

Happy and Grumpy are remnants of the dwarf scheme. A good proportion of the shapes fit this pattern, so it's worth having a word for it.

Biggie is a contraction of "bi-grumpy". Rice is named after Rice Kagona.

Bicycle is a contraction of "bi-classical". This family is like the usual fifth-generated one, but half the size.

Mosh is a contraction of "mohajiraish". Mish is related to mosh.

Father is a temperament name. I think the etymology is a pun on "fourths/thirds" and as such names a shape.

Bug is another temperament name, from the draft of the first part of Paul's forthcoming magnum opus. If it's too specific to apply to this family, I suggest "bogey" instead.

"Bi-equal" means the scale is made from two EDOs. There may be a better name for these. They become more important when you look at complicated temperaments.

I'm using "fair" and "unfair" to distinguish the large from the small.

All the names uniquely specify a shape, and if the number of notes doesn't need to be part of the name it isn't. That doesn't mean you'd leave them this terse in practice.

Names for larger MOS scales