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This is a frivolous MOS naming scheme. The point is that in many cases there's no logical name for an MOS so you may as well name them all after Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. As some of the names persist in one of the other comprehensive MOSNamingSchemes we have, here are the original dwarf names for the record.

Note that there aren't quite enough dwarves to name each distinct MOS within the system, so some of the names are reversed.

5L Snow White pentatonic

1L 4s Happy pentatonic

2L 3s Sneezy pentatonic

3L 2s Sleepy pentatonic

4L 1s Grumpy pentatonic

6L Snow White hexatonic

1L 5s Happy hexatonic

2L 4s Sleepy hexatonic

3L 3s Bashful hexatonic

4L 2s Dopey hexatonic

5L 1s Grumpy hexatonic

7L Snow White heptatonic

1L 6s Happy heptatonic

2L 5s Dopey heptatonic

3L 4s Doc heptatonic

4L 3s Sneezy heptatonic

5L 2s Sleepy heptatonic

6L 1s Grumpy heptatonic

8L Snow White octatonic

1L 7s Happy octatonic

2L 6s Sleepy octatonic

3L 5s Sneezy octatonic

4L 4s Bashful octatonic

5L 3s Doc octatonic

6L 2s Dopey octatonic

7L 1s Grumpy octatonic

9L Snow White nonatonic

1L 8s Happy nonatonic

2L 7s Dopey nonatonic

3L 6s Lufhsab nonatonic

4L 5s Doc nonatonic

5L 4s Sneezy nonatonic

6L 3s Bashful nonatonic

7L 2s Sleepy nonatonic

8L 1s Grumpy nonatonic

10L Snow White decatonic

1L 9s Happy decatonic

2L 8s Ypeels decatonic

3L 7s Doc decatonic

4L 6s Dopey decatonic

5L 5s Bashful decatonic

6L 4s Sleepy decatonic

7L 3s Sneezy decatonic

8L 2s Yepod decatonic

9L 1s Grumpy decatonic