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The tritone is the name of a musical interval that is made up of three whole tones. In 12edo the tritone is exactly 600 cents, or sqrt(2). As such, the term is also used generally to refer to any pitch in the neighborhood of 600c, or roughly halfway between 4/3 and 3/2.

In tunings other than 12edo, and particularly in just intonation, there are a number of different tritones which have subtly different flavors, such as 7/5 and 10/7. The temperament eliminating 50/49 is of particular interest in that it equates these two tritones, and provides a JI basis for the 12-EDO concept of the "tritone substitution."

The following table compares selected JI tritone pairs:

Ratios prime limit distance from 600c
729/512, 1024/729 3 11.730
45/32, 64/45 5 9.776
7/5, 10/7 7 17.488
13/9, 18/13 13 36.618
24/17, 17/12 17 3.000
23/16, 32/23 23 28.274