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89edo divides the octave into 89 steps of size 13.48 cents each, and tempers out the commas 126/125, 1728/1715, 32805/32768, 2401/2400, 176/175, 243/242, 441/440 and 540/539. It is an especially good tuning for myna temperament, both in the 7-limit, tempering out 126/125 and 1728/1715, and in the 11-limit, where 176/175 is tempered out also. It is likewise a good tuning for the rank three temperament thrush, tempering out 126/125 and 176/175.

89 has a fifth less than a cent flat and a major third less than five cents sharp, with a 7 two cents sharp and an 11 1.5 cents sharp. It thus delivers reasonably good 11-limit harmony and very good no-fives harmony along with the very useful approximations represented by its commas.

89edo is the 24th prime edo.