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The 68 equal temperament, often abbreviated 68-tET, 68-EDO, or 68-ET, is the scale derived by dividing the octave into 68 equally-sized steps. Each step represents a frequency ratio of 17.65 cents; this is half of the step size of 34edo, which does well in the 5-limit but not so well in the 7-limit, and one quarter the size of 17edo, which does well in the 3-limit, but not so well in the 5-limit. The luck continues: 68 is a strong 7-limit system, but does not do as well for in 11-limit; though it's certainly usable for that purpose, it does not represent the 11-limit diamond consistently.

As a 7-limit system it tempers out 2048/2025, 245/243, 4000/3969, 15625/15552, 3136/3125, 6144/6125 and 2401/2400. It supports octacot, shrutar, hemiwuerschmidt, hemikleismic, clyde and neptune temperaments, and supplies the optimal patent val for 11-limit hemikleismic. It is a sharp-tending system, with the third, fifth and seventh harmonics all sharp.

Diatonic scales

Negative semitone: 14 14 -1 14 14 14 -1 (E is sharper than F, and B is sharper than C5)

Superpyth: 12 12 4 12 12 12 4

Flattone: 10 10 9 10 10 10 9

Inverse: 8 8 14 8 8 8 14