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Interval information
Ratio 2048/2025
Monzo [11 -4 -2
Size in cents 19.55257
Name(s) diaschisma
FJS name d225

2048/2025, the diaschisma, an interval of 19.553 cents, is the difference between four perfect fifths plus two major thirds and three octaves. Tempering it out leads to the diaschismic family of temperaments. It may also be defined as the difference between a Pythagorean minor seventh (16/9) and a just augmented sixth (225/128), as the difference between two classic diatonic semitones (16/15) and the major whole tone (9/8), that is, (9/8)/(16/15)2, or as the difference between the 5-limit tritone 45/32 and its enharmonic equivalent 64/45.

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