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330edo divides the octave into 330 equal parts of 3.6364 cents each.

330edo has a flat tendency, with its 3rd, 5th, and 7th harmonics tuned progressively flatter. In the 11-limit, the 330e val scores significantly better in TE error than its patent val and allows an extension to the 13-limit.

It tempers out 32805/32768 (schisma) in the 5-limit; 250047/250000 (landscape comma), 703125/702464 (meter) and 4802000/4782969 (canousma) in the 7-limit. Using the 330e val, it tempers out 385/384 (keenanisma), 9801/9800 (kalisma), and 14641/14580 (semicanousma) in the 11-limit; 847/845 (cuthbert) and 1001/1000 (sinbadma) in the 13-limit.

It provides a nice tuning for keenanismic, the rank-4 temperament that tempers out 385/384 (even better than its optimal patent val 284edo), and actually a next-to-optimal tuning for 11-limit semicanou, the rank-3 temperament that tempers out 9801/9800 and 14641/14580.