Cuthbert triad

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The cuthbert triad is an essentially tempered dyadic triad which consists of two 13/11 thirds making up a 7/5, which implies tempering by cuthbert, the 847/845 comma. It is, in other words, the 847/845-tempered version of 1-13/11-7/5. The cuthbert triad can be extended to the garibert tetrad, which is the {275/273, 847/845} garibert tempering of a tetrad with steps of size 13/11-13/11-13/11-6/5, leading to a garibert tempering of 1-13/11-7/5-5/3. Equal temperaments with cuthbert triads include 29edo, 33edo, 37edo, 41edo, 46edo, 50edo, 53edo, 58edo, 70edo, 87edo, 94edo, 99edo, 103edo, 111edo, 128edo, 140edo, 149edo, 177edo, 190edo, 198, 205, 227, 264, 284 and 388. Equal temperaments with garibert tetrads include 41, 53, and 94; and it is a characteristic chord of 13-limit garibaldi temperament.