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227EDO is the equal division of the octave into 227 parts of 5.2863 cents each. It tempers out 15625/15552 (kleisma) and |61 -37 -1> in the 5-limit; 5120/5103, 65625/65536, and 117649/116640 in the 7-limit, so that it supports countercata temperament. In the 11-limit, it tempers out 385/384, 2200/2187, 3388/3375, and 12005/11979, so that it provides the optimal patent val for 11-limit countercata. In the 13-limit, it tempers out 325/324, 352/351, 625/624, and 847/845. 227EDO is acculate for the 13th harmonic, as the denominator of a convergent to log213, after 10 and before 5231.

227EDO is the 49th prime EDO.