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45edo divides the octave into 45 equal parts of 26.667 cents. It is the optimal patent val for flattone temperament, the 7-limit 525/512 planar avicennmic temperament, the 11-limit calliope temperament tempering out 45/44 and 81/80, and the rank four temperament tempering out 45/44. It tempers out 81/80, 3125/3087, 525/512, 875/864 and 45/44. It is a flat-tending system in the 7-limit, with 3, 5 and 7 all flat, but the 11 is sharp. Also supports messed-up ennealimmal, if you want. Since 45 is a multiple of 5 and 9, it can be used to model Indonesian music in both Slendro (~ 5edo) and Pelog (~ modes of 9edo) tunings.