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Interval information
Ratio 875/864
Monzo [-5 -3 3 1
Size in cents 21.90205
Name(s) keema
Color name zy31, zotriyo unison
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875/864, the keema, is a 7-limit comma measuring about 21.9 cents. It marks the difference between the septimal minor seventh (7/4) and a stack of three just minor thirds (6/5), or between a septimal major seventh (27/14) and a stack of three just major thirds (5/4). It is also the sum of 245/243 and 225/224, the sum of 100/99 and 385/384, the sum of 105/104 and 325/324 and the difference between 49/48 and 126/125. Tempering it out leads to the keemic family of temperaments.

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