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The 320 equal division divides the octave into 320 equal parts of precisely 3.75 cents each. It tempers out 65625/65532 and 420175/419904 in the 7-limit and 441/440, 8019/8000 and 9801/9800 in the 11-limit, and so supports varuna temperament, the rank three temperament tempering out 441/440, 8019/8000 and 9801/9800, for which it provides the optimal patent val. It also provides the optimal patent val for the rank four werckismic temperament tempering out 441/440. It tempers out 729/728, 1001/1000, 1575/1573, 4225/4224 and 6656/6655 in the 13-limit, leading to further temperaments for which it provides the optimal patent val, such as tempering out 441/440 with 729/728, 1001/1000 or both, or with 8019/8000, leading to a rank three temperament.