Ratios of 9

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Ratios of nine include all ratios which contain the "prime" 9 and contain no prime (or multiple of a prime) higher than 9.

The entirety of ratios of 9 are: 9/8, 16/9, 9/7,10/9, 9/5, and 14/9

Quality: While the sound quality of musical intervals is highly subjective, there are certain qualities that most experience when hearing them.

The following describes intervals IN ISOLATION.

Ratios of 9 in isolation can be described as neutral, pastel like, metallic, and passive though have various functions within chords.

9/8 and 16/9 can to sound warmer than ratios containing both 9 and 7 which are much lighter sounding or cold.

List of Ratios of Nine

9 with 5: 9/5, 10/9

9 with 7: 9/7, 14/9

9 with 8: 9/8, 16/9