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The 69 equal division or 69-EDO, which divides the octave into 69 equal parts of 17.391 cents each, has been called "the love-child of 23edo and quarter-comma meantone". Nice. As a meantone system, it is on the flat side, with a fifth of 695.652 cents. Such a fifth is closer to 2/7-comma meantone than 1/4-comma, and is nearly identical to that of "Synch-Meantone", or Wilson's equal beating meantone, wherein the perfect fifth and the major third beat at equal rates. Therefore 69edo can be treated as a closed system of Synch-Meantone for most purposes.

In the 7-limit it is a mohajira system, tempering out 6144/6125, but not a septimal meantone system, as 126/125 maps to one step. It also supports the 12&69 temperament tempering out 3125/3087 along with 81/80. In the 11-limit it tempers out 99/98, and supports the 31&69 variant of mohajira, identical to the standard 11-limit mohajira in 31EDO but not in 69.