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The 289 equal temperament divides the octave into 289 equal parts of 4.152 cents each. It is the optimal patent val for 13-limit history temperament, which tempers out 364/363, 441/440 and 1001/1000, and provides a good tuning for the 11-limit version also, and is also the optimal patent val for sextilififths in both the 11- and 13-limit. It is uniquely consistent in the 9-limit, and tempers out the schisma, 32805/32768 in the 5-limit; 4375/4374 and 65625/65536 in the 7-limit; 441/440 and 4000/3993 in the 11-limit; and 364/363, 676/675, 1001/1000, 1575/1573 and 2080/2079 in the 13-limit.