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← 479edo480edo481edo →
Prime factorization 25 × 3 × 5
Step size 2.5¢
Fifth 281\480 (702.5¢)
Semitones (A1:m2) 47:35 (117.5¢ : 87.5¢)
Consistency limit 11
Distinct consistency limit 11

480 equal divisions of the octave (480edo), or 480-tone equal temperament (480tet), 480 equal temperament (480et) when viewed from a regular temperament perspective, is the tuning system that divides the octave into 480 equal parts of exactly 2.5 ¢ each.

480edo is a largely composite edo, and it is consistent in the 11-odd-limit.

480edo tunes the 24th-octave chromium temperament on the patent val in the 11-limit and extends it via the 480fgg val into the 17-limit. It is also worth tuning that 480fgg val has a lower TE error than the patent val. It is also a strong tuning for 6th-octave hemidomain temperament and provides the optimal patent val for the rank-3 semiporwell temperament, as well as the 24th-octave rank-3 rabic temperament. It also tunes period-8 twilight temperament.