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2EDO, if the attempt is made to use it as an actual scale, would divide the octave into two equal parts, each of size 600 cents, which is to say sqrt(2) as a frequency ratio. It represents the 3-limit consistently, and it can be used to give a skeletonized version of the 3-limit music such as was used in Medieval Europe, by mapping the fifth and therefore the fourth to 600 cents. That entails mapping 81/64 to the unison, and if we do the same for 5/4 we end up with the val <2 3 4| (2c mapping). This could be used to crush all of the 5 out of 5-limit music, and to then attempt to turn what remains into neo-Medieval harmony.

If we want to consider it to be a temperament, it tempers out 9/8.

Factoids about 2EDO

99/70 is a good rational representation of the square root of 2. It is the first zeta integral edo.


Dichotomy by Kaiveran Lugheidh