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  • fluffy blue alien foxcat who does stuff.
  • nyan-binary (ey/em/eirs)
  • primarily interested in Erv Wilson's work, primodality, timbral tuning, and irregular temperaments
  • diligently saving Vital store credit for the whole shebang so maybe there'll be more actual music here in the future
  • loves u <3

Brainstorming/Documentation Subpages

Temperaments I've found

"Wilmingen" canonical form for temperament

Random Splitting Commas

OLITTA Distance

Sandboxing Subpages


Circulating Temperaments

(in rough order from wild to tame)



Planned Pages

  • Higher-Prime Biased Temperament Norm (B/D)
  • Kaigi Signatures / Kaigi Notation (B/D)
  • Mt. Meru Scales (S)
    • incl. intersection with primodality
  • Marwa Permutations (S)
    • incl. relation to tetrachordal scales,
    • possible generalization?
  • a proper page for Nelindic / Pařízek Triharmonic (S)
  • Heterodyne (S)

A more general to-do list

  • more detailed cataloging and explanation of essentially tempered chords, particularly distinguishing the following relations:
    • dual identity, where a:b:c is also d:e:f but both interpretations close properly (like the rootsubminor triad)
      • unexpected identities arising by inversion (as in the Biosphere, where 6:7:9 inverts to 10:13:15) also fit here
    • abnormal closure, where a consistent set of member identities is possible, but tempering is required for them to close (like the starling tetrad)
  • being bullish on merging xenrhythm stuff into here
    • it ain't gonna revive itself!