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Already ready

On the come up

Habagradsky, 24&14, (P8/2, P4/2)

Sticks to the intervals 24edo tunes exceptionally well. Combines the names of Alois Haba and Ivan Wyschnegradsky, two composers known for using 24. More intended to be a fruitful scale structure in 24 than an independent temperament.

(page entry)

Ceriwolf, 58&74 (or 16&58?), (P8/2, P12/11?)

Found when searching "supersets" of 74; this one, surprisingly not a meantone, had the least genspread. Named for Cerium (element 58) and Tungsten aka Wolfram (element 74).

Christine, 13&17c, (P8, M9/5)

A meantone offshoot of Christopher found while fuckin around

Stratofortress, 130hl&80k, (P8, c3P5/41)

Much better than that old "Stratosphere" BS.

Spectriad, 130&38df&24, (P8/2, P5/2, /1?)

Found when tempering out useful "triadic commas", where two higher-limit thirds like 14/11 and 13/11 barely missed the fifth when stacked. Apparently becomes a contorted Hagrid in lower limits.

Yunzee, 130&306&171, (P8, P5, ^1)