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How To

Making Microtonal Music is Easier Than You’d Think Comprehensive 9000-word tutorial with many images. The article explains xen; from what it even is, to linking resources (including ones on this wiki), to explaining how to make microtonal music in five methods of increasing complexity and cost. Goes from free and easy to more complicated and costing hundreds (or thousands) of dollars/pounds/euros:

  • Using a free browser-based synth
  • Using free VST plug-ins
  • Changing the settings in the program Kontakt / Micro-tuning synths in Reaktor
  • Removing the frets on a guitar
  • Buying a microtonal-fretted guitar.

Creating Scala scl files for rank two temperaments

How to easily start writing microtonal music today!

Customize Finale for Microtonal display and output

What to


Pedagogy questions