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A page to collect efforts to bridge the gap between knowing and not-knowing, via pieces of media and culture which have a didactic tinge to them: guides, method books, exercises. Stepping stones to a performance-practice (and composition-practice) informed by an eleutherotonal orientation.

Current Projects

'Detwelvulate!' workshop

Musicians bring instruments & we learn how to retune (or even redesign, depending on the particulars) them.

Zine Creation

A zine is a small, hand-made, photo-copied publication that may inform, teach, entertain, inspire readers. We aspire to create a series of zines addressing various microtonal fundamentals.

Virtual Thirty-One Tone Singin' Camp

Learn to hear, think, and sing (or play an instrument) in 31 tones per octave!

Use the Power of the Internet to transcend spacetime and transport yourself to the campsite.

Participants correspond by composing exercises, assignments, mnemonics, ditties for one another. Communications can be private (email, telephone) or public (page on this wiki, linked to below).