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Xendergarten is a comedy podcast about xenharmonic and microtonal music and discussion created by groundfault and Userminusone in 2023.


No. Title Host(s) Guest(s) Music artists Release date
0 Gasenlightened: Episode 0 - the lost episode Userminusone, groundfault Domin, Inthar, kgrodunds, Nicolai, Nosigntoday, Riffy, Stephen Weigel, xenoindex (None) April 1, 2023
1 Episode 1 - Thick Thives (highlight reel) kgrodunds, Inthar, Nosignstoday, Riffy, Tristan Bay, dotu_mtr (None) March 14, 2023
2 Why do they call it JI when J-you of in the comma temper of out EDO temper the schisma Dead Shaman, Domin, kam, Carmen Parker, Nosignstoday, xenoindex Userminusone, groundfault, Carmen Parker, Wrenharmonic, Stephen Weigel, Animusic, Sevish, benyamind, Dead Shaman May 11, 2023
3a Rhythms are not the goal of my plugin AraMax, Inthar, Dead Shaman, kgrodunds, kam, Riffy, Stephen Weigel, Tristan Bay, xenoindex Stephen Weigel, Userminusone, Nick Vuci, Benjamin D, HEHEHE I AM A SUPAHSTAR SAGA, xenoindex, Sevish June 10, 2023
3b The Purgatory Pile AraMax, Inthar, Dead Shaman, kgrodunds, kam, Riffy, Stephen Weigel, xenoindex Wrenharmonic, Stephen Weigel, Userminusone, groundfault June 10, 2023
4 Green and a Half Pilled inthar, dotu_mtr, xenoindex, Riffy, Dead Shaman (None) August 27, 2023
5 Live From Lake Doramos Dead Shaman, xenoindex, dotu_mtr, Riffy, Wrenharmonic, Tristan Bay, Adam Freese (None) August 30, 2023
6 Planck IQ Dead Shaman, xenoindex, dotu_mtr, Tristan Bay (None) October 9, 2023
7 Desert Island Pain kam, Tristan Bay, Dead Shaman, dotu_mtr, xenoindex, inthar (todo) December 16, 2023
8 The most violent thing I've ever seen inthar, Tristan Bay, Aramax, Dead Shaman, kam, dotu_mtr, Abnormality, Wrenharmonic (todo) January 28, 2024
9a I don't think, therefore I am not Tristan Bay, Aramax, Dead Shaman, dotu_mtr, Abnormality, Wrenharmonic (None) February 7, 2024

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