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Electronic composing & software

Software plugins (VST etc.)

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Audio recording software (DAWs)

Notation software

  • abcm2ps Free, open source, ASCII-based editor with support for some microtonal accidentals.
  • MuseScore Open source notation software. Can be microtuned with the 31 EDO Retuner plugin.
  • Lilypond Free, open source, outstanding notation software that produces beautiful engraving-quality output on a par with commercial applications like Sibelius. Thanks to the work of Graham Breed, can use Sagittal glyphs. With the Ekmelily extension, it can support several other notation styles, namely Tartini, Richter Herf/Madel and Sims.
  • Mus2 is a microtonal score editor with intonationally-correct playback. It allows the retuning of staves and import of symbols from graphics files and fonts to be used as accidentals.
  • MaxScore is an Java object for Max/MSP. It is based on Nick Didkovsky's JMSL which natively supports quarter-tone notation, but is capable of playing back microtonal music with unlimited precision. In the most recent version of MaxScore, microMaps have been implemented in the score canvas that allow the display of microtonal inflections in any kind of notation system provided that a font exists to represent those inflections. So far, microMaps for 48TET and 72TET exist. It is planned to develop an standalone editor which doesn't require any Max programming expertise. For more information send an email to





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