Marveltwin triad

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The marveltwin triad is a 13-limit essentially tempered dyadic chord which consists of two stacked minor thirds followed by an 18/13, that is, a 6/5-6/5-18/13 chord, tempered in marveltwin. In other words, an 1-6/5-13/9 chord tempered in a temperament tempering out 325/324, the marveltwin comma. It makes for an instructive comparison with the septimal diminished triad, 1-6/5-10/7 in starling, and might also be called a tridecimal diminished triad. It can be extended to the marveltwin tetrad, 1-6/5-13/9-26/15 in marveltwin, which is a 15-limit essentially tempered dyadic chord with steps 6/5-6/5-6/5-15/13. Another marveltwin chord of interest is the marveltwin tonestack: 1-9/8-5/4-3/2-13/8-9/5 tempered in marveltwin. Equal temperaments with marveltwin triads include 19, 26, 34, 41, 46, 53, 72, 87, 121, 140, 159, 193, 212, 246, 299 and 333.