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51-EDO divides the octave into 51 equal parts of 23.529 cents each, which is about the size of the Pythagorean comma (even though this comma itself is mapped to a different interval). It tempers out 250/243 in the 5-limit, 225/224 and 2401/2400 in the 7-limit, and 55/54 and 100/99 in the 11-limit. It is the optimal patent val for sonic, the rank three temperament tempering out 250/243, 55/54 and 100/99, and also for the rank four temperament tempering out 55/54. It provides an alternative tuning to 22edo for porcupine temperament, with a nice fifth but a rather flat major third, and the optimal patent val for 7 and 11-limit porky temperament, which is sonic plus 225/224.